Friday, 15 March 2013

Titanic Twelve Tales - Short Story Anthology

Writing Titanic Twelve Tales ( FREE ebook opportunity)



Whilst completing the final edits for my Titanic novel, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, I wanted to write a few short stories with a Titanic theme. I had been writing short stories for several years, had some published and picked up a few writing prizes. One of my stories, Trapped! had a Titanic twist at the end and was published in My Weekly magazine. So, I began planning a variety of stories which enabled me to step outside my usual romantic fiction comfort zone. I was able to include ghost stories, sci-fi and a couple of character based stories told from one point of view. I based all the stories on my research but ensured my tales were all fictional.

I have been a Titanic enthusiast since childhood, so writing the twelve tales has been sheer indulgence for me. However, I do hope reader you will enjoy them.

Why twelve tales?

I wrote most of the stories in 2012, the centenary year of the disaster.  It seemed appropriate to have twelve of them.

Which is my favourite?

That is a tough question. I like the stories which tell the tale of the desperate situation passengers were forced into. Perhaps that is the underlying pull of the Titanic phenomenon –we can ask, what would I have done if I’d been on board?

Over the years I have read many accounts of the disaster, the speculation, the scientific analysis behind the structure of the ship and the misfortune of some of the passengers, especially those in Third Class. I have visited several Titanic exhibitions, viewed the memorials and visited the cemetery in Halifax, Canada. I have watched films made about the ship and read several novels set on board. It constantly surprises me that the Titanic story still holds interest. I believe that interest is the human one. Tales are about people – well all but one of mine is. The exception?

Why not read Titanic Twelve Tales and find out?

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I hope you enjoy reading Titanic Twelve Tales – A short story Anthology RMS Titanic.





  1. Thank you very much. I look forward to downloading my free e-book on to my Kindle tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Sally I hope you enjoy reading the stories.

  2. Hi Lynda, I've just read Titanic Twelve Tales and I gave it 5* review on Amazon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the stories Sally and thanks for posting on Amazon.