Thursday, 21 March 2013

5* review on Amazon

Today I'm over the Moon, I have just received notification of my first 5* review on Amazon for Titanic Twleve Tales. A huge thank you to the reader(s) out there who not only downloaded my ebook but also enjoyed the stories enough to write about them. Feedback from readers is a real boost to any author and this one is especially grateful to you guys for taking the trouble.

Last weekend was my first venture into the free ebook promotion market. I was feeling rather nervous but thanks to a great crowd of supports and guys only too willing to take a chance on me the download figures ran into the hundreds. I shall certainly consider a free promo again when I have my next book out.

What has also been exciting about Titanic Twelve Tales is bringing out the paperback version. Many people still like the feel of a book in their hands, so again another new venture for me. The process was a steep learning curve and I have to admit I did have the help of Romantic Reads Publishing, so thanks guys. I haven't regretted going for a paperback version and with the help of CreatSpace I have been very pleased with the end product.

So, on with the writing and have a great day everyone, mine has been marvellous already!

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