Sunday, 19 February 2012

How I got my bloke thanks to St. Val

I sent him a Valentine’s card – the lucky guy I had chosen of course, not St. Val. But, I only had bloke’s work address. Please note, we are talking before mobiles, twitter, fb et al. OK, relying on snail The Royal Mail, as I live in the UK, I promptly sent off my good wishes, no name just a short poem inviting said man to...basically come around to my place, if he could work out who I was.

I knew he had my address, we’d run into each other at a new members’ meeting of a group called British Junior Chamber – a social group for young businessmen and women. Guess my guy just needed a bit of a push or a “come hither”  signal and St. Val provided me with a great window of opportunity.

Bloke arrived on my doorstep on St. Val’s day during the early evening clutching a card, bunch of red roses and a big smile. “Can I come in?”  (Good initiative on his part, coming to the right house and bearing gifts.)

Well, of course I didn’t say no. And the rest as they say is history. We got engaged a year later on – yes you’ve guessed it – Valentine’s Day and married six weeks later at the local registry office. Only place you could get married outside of a church before the law was changed in England.

And...we’re still happily married – so success story St. Val, nice one!

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  1. Greetings, Lynda! You've been tagged as one of my choices for the Lucky Seven Meme on my blog today. Cheers!